Margarita Feliciano


Margarita Feliciano is a poet, critic and literary translator of Italian-Argentine origin who has lived in Canada since 1969. Her poetry has appeared in numerous publications throughout Europe and North America. She is professor in Hispanic Studies at Glendon College (York University) in Toronto, and General Director of CCIE (Celebración Cultural del Idioma Español), an organization dedicated to the promotion of the Spanish language in Canada. In 2005, she founded ANTARES, Canada‘s first publishing house dedicated to the publication of literary works in Spanish.

I have left this place that your prayer points towards,
the shining ring of time still flickering on my hand.
I have carved out a path that crosses the rock,
I move on slowly, I lean on my staff.
Upon the blank horizon I can make out the clouds
Stretching out across the sky like a velvet pier.
The sea lightning flashes its burning turquoise,
there are flying fish that rise up from the waters.
I continue on my path with my slow-moving step
Vestiges and memories have all been left behind.
I have left behind forgotten my white wedding gown
for the place so sublime that your prayer points towards.

Translated by Martin Boyd

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