Jerome Teelucksingh

For Che

Jerome Teelucksingh teaches History at the University of West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago. Over the last 5 years, his poetry has been published in various international magazines and anthologies, and he has also read his work at poetry meetings. In 2008, two of his poetry collections will be published.

A life of significance
with some luck and brimming with optimism.
Full of advice and grandiose plans.
Cuba, Africa or Bolivia,
deciding to take a chance.
One would influence one hundred,
they shall influence one thousand.
The rest influenced the world.

Chasing rainbows with Fidel,
a bright future diverted and dimmed.
Memories of wealth and stultified men,
replaced by confidence and reckless lives.
No home, no bearers of title,
cursing tempting vendor of compromised capitalism,
you reject deals with global blackmailers and shred
puppet rulers who scorned dreams of equality.
Dealt with the best,
dealt with the devil
and won?
Family you fear and friends no longer there,
lonely days amidst the jungle, laughing at faces
no reason.

Beret and long hair your trademark,
masking past of shabby clothes, uncombed hair matted
in frustration,
investing in liberation for hungry future generations.
No longer needing guns and knives.
Only a fool’s game,
as unmarked bullets give birth to a legend.

One thought on “Jerome Teelucksingh

  1. O socialismo é a maior fraude da história da humanidade. Qualquer um que defenda o socialismo se torna automaticamente co-responsável pelas mais de 200 milhões de mortes que essa ideologia já causou e vem causando mundo afora. Só em Cuba foram mais de 100 mil mortes.

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