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Martin Boyd

Since it first began in January 2007, Diálogos Online Forum has evolved from a quarterly online magazine into a blog-style journal, but has never swayed from its main purpose to provide a bilingual forum for the publication of literary works, ideas and information on Hispanic culture in Canada and abroad, and on Spanish-English translation, for the benefit of both Spanish- and English-speakers. On the occasion of today’s launch of the new design for the Diálogos website, I would like to take the opportunity to renew the call to Hispanic writers, reviewers, translators, cultural commentators and anyone with an interest in Hispanic culture and/or Spanish-English translation to participate in this Forum by submitting articles or works for publication, or simply by posting comments on existing articles, as the intention of Diálogos Online Forum has always been, as the name suggests, to open up dialogues between members of the Spanish- and English-speaking communities.

Although the design of the Forum has evolved over the past 6 years, the topics addressed remain basically the same:

1. Culture and Society: posts on Hispanic cultural initiatives and events of importance to Hispanic culture, and reflections on issues affecting society in Latin American countries and/or the Hispanic community in Canada, such as the migrant experience, Hispanic cultural promotion or intercultural relations;

2. Hispanic Literature: poetry and short fiction in Spanish and English translation, ranging from classic works of Hispanic literature to works by contemporary Latin American and Hispanic Canadian writers;

3. Reviews: of books, plays or films in Spanish or in translation from Spanish, related to Hispanic culture and/or translation;

4. Events: the focus is on Hispanic cultural events taking place in Canada, although announcements from other parts of the world are welcome;

5. Spanish-English translation: issues specifically related to translation in general and Spanish-English translation in particular, with a focus on how translation can be used as a means of opening up dialogues between the Spanish- and English-speaking worlds.

As part of the new website re-design, all of the earlier magazine issues have now been integrated into the Forum, so that any article originally published in the online magazine from 2007 to 2009 can now be found simply by entering the title or key words in the search box at the top of the screen.

If you would like to make a contribution to any of the categories of the Diálogos Online Forum, please contact me, including your proposed post in the body of your email. Or feel free simply to post a comment to any of the posts you read here.

Thank you!

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  1. Congratulations on the new website! Looks great. And congratulations too for 6 years of the Diálogos Forum. There’s some great reference material in the forum archives.

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