Altri Suoni

Altri Suoni
Artists: Barbara Croall and Paulina Derbez
Distributor: Conscious Musician Productions
Toronto, 2013

Review by Dulce Huet Covarrubias

Altri Suoni, the new CD of avant-garde music composed and performed by Mexican violinist Paulina Derbez and indigenous Canadian composer Barbara Croall (of the Odawa Nation), is a sonic production that takes us back simultaneously to our origins as humans and as acoustic beings. Voice and violin intertwine their different expressions, constructing a rite of sounds and silences, which we can discern as they emerge from the deepest corners of our resonant and dissonant memory.

The feminine composition, intuitive and instinctive, of Paulina Derbez and Barbara Croall transports us to a space of constant sonic creation through attentive listening to its narrative, which often howls, laments or calls to us as it rises out of Mother Earth, and into the very depths of our sonic perception.

As we follow the six pieces that make up this album, we feel ourselves pulled along on a constant flow and movement through the different acoustic settings that the artists have laid out, feeding our curiosity, restlessness and awe. We are faced with different faces of various kinds of sounds, noises, whispers…

At times, ancestral harmonies flow placidly; at other times, the sonic events, or the absence of intention of those events, produce, maintain or unleash tensions… Then, on taking up a certain phrasing heard before, we perceive the warmth of a familiar contact, which catapults us once again towards other unexpected sounds, to help us little by little to mentally construct a new auditory space where we can delight in the integration of all these elements into our new and greatly enriched sonic universe.

Altri Suoni is a musical experience that invites us to reconsider the infinite forms of sonic production that are our ancestral companions and that define us as acoustic beings; forms which these two maestras help us to rediscover and enjoy.

Dulce Huet Covarrubias is Music Library Director at Radio UNAM in Mexico City.

The new disc by Barbara Croall and Paulina Derbez, Altri Suoni, will be launched on Saturday October 26 at 6 p.m. at Pancho y Emiliano Resturant, 200 Augusta Ave., Toronto, as part of La Peña de Rosy Cervantes. It will also be presented on Saturday October 26 at 8:00 p.m. in the Café Concert as part of the Festival of Images and Words at Restaurant Segovia.

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