The most read articles of 2013

2013To close another year of the Diálogos Online Forum, this week’s post is dedicated to the articles published in the Forum that received the most attention from our readers in 2013. This year’s list reflects the full breadth of the themes covered in the Forum, including articles on translation, Hispanic culture and society, Hispanic literature, and reviews of works by Hispanic artists. According to the statistics, the following were the top ten most read articles of the year:

  1. Two Opposing Views of Literary Translation: Nabokov vs. Borges – Martin Boyd
  2. Forty years since the Coup in Chile – Jorge Etcheverry
  3. The Myth of Linguistic Purity – Martin Boyd
  4. Translating Latin America, Part 3: How do you say “Boom” in Spanish? – Martin Boyd
  5. I Want to Live – Tania Hernández Cervantes (translated by Martin Boyd)
  6. Your Childhood in Menton – Federico García Lorca (translated by Liam Walke)
  7. Altri Suoni – CD Review by Dulce Huet Covarrubias
  8. That Latin America – Allan Fajardo
  9. Canadian Experience – Brian Kennedy
  10. A Comic Look at the Two Mexicos – Review by Martin Boyd of the film Nosotros Los Nobles

Thank you to all our contributors and readers for your support for the Forum in 2013. Thanks to your support, this initiative to open up dialogues between members of Canada’s Spanish- and English-speaking communities has now completed seven years of life.  If you are interested in making a contribution to the Forum in 2014, please feel free to contact me.

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous 2014,

Martin Boyd, Director
Diálogos Intercultural Services

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