Opening of a New Mexican Cultural Centre in Toronto

Paulina Derbez

Casa Cultural MexicanaIn recent years, the Mexican community has become one of the fastest growing communities in Toronto, in terms both of population and visibility. This growth can be seen in the increased number of Mexican cultural events in the city, as well as the growing number of businesses, media and academic initiatives dedicated to promoting Mexican culture in this city. The need to represent Mexico and its culture in Canada is rapidly growing, motivating Mexicans to find new spaces and platforms where these needs can be met, with a huge impact not only on the Mexican community but also on the Hispanic and Canadian communities in general.

It is thus a source of pride that a team of outstanding Mexicans have pooled their talents and dedication to make possible a reality that the Mexicans of this city have long hoped for: the opening of a space where the rich and diverse culture of our country of origin finally has a place of its own. This space, the Casa Cultural Mexicana, represents a great achievement that once again reflects the extraordinary dedication of Mexicans in this city to the development of new projects that can enrich the cultural mosaic of our adopted country.

You are therefore all cordially invited to the opening of the Casa Cultural Mexicana this Saturday, March 28, at 5 p.m. The CCM is located at 1346 St. Clair Avenue West, en el oeste de Toronto.

The program for the opening includes the following activities:

5:00 Opening
5:15 Flag Ceremony
5:30 Words from the founders: Jorge Zarate, Tristan Lu Velasco, Alberto Cruz, Lisseloth Tb and special guest Paulina Derbez
5:45 Tour of the facilities and Exhibition
6:00 Spanish-language rock group Los Otros
6:45 Theatrical Presentation
7:00 Mexican folk dance
7:15 Isela Cadena
7:30 Exhibition of work to the public
9:00 End of event

For more information, visit the Facebook for the event.

3 thoughts on “Opening of a New Mexican Cultural Centre in Toronto

  1. This is great news! Cultural awareness should spread all over the world, and opening such a promising Mexican cultural center in Toronto will promote better relations between Canadians and Mexicans. Hope that the opening went well and everyone had a great time getting to know each other culturally.

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