Seven years of the Diálogos Online Forum

Martin Boyd

DialogosThis month marks the seventh anniversary of the Diálogos Online Forum. For seven years, this site has been a bilingual meeting point where Spanish- and English-speakers can share literary works, ideas and information of relevance to Hispanic culture in Canada and abroad, as well as reflections on the role of translation in building ties between these two communities.

To commemorate this anniversary, I have reviewed the website statistics to identify the articles that have received the most visits over the past seven years. Of course, such a list tends to favour the older publications, simply by virtue of the fact that they have had up to seven years to accumulate visitors, although it is encouraging to see that several articles from the last couple of years have already received enough visits to make the list. In publishing this list it is my intention to remind our readers of the wealth of material stored in the Forum’s archives, which continues to receive visits from web surfers searching for information on Hispanic literature and culture. It is also an opportunity to thank all the writers and translators who have contributed to this project over the past seven years. We look forward to your continued support in the years to come!

The ten most read articles in the Diálogos archives are:

“The Translator’s Visibility” (Nov. 2012): Review of the book Found in Translation: How Language Shapes Our Lives and Transforms the World by Nataly Kelly and Jose Zetsche.

The Latin American Community in Canada: Some Challenges Ahead (Jul. 2007): A study of the evolution of the Hispanic Canadian community by OISE researchers Daniel Schugurensky and Jorge Ginieniewicz.

The Translator’s Subjectivity (Dec. 2012): A reflection on the value of machine translation and the role of the human translator, by Martin Boyd.

What it means to be Mexican (Jan. 2007): A perspective on Mexican identity, by Mexican author and social commentator Mario Huacuja.

The Two Soras (Apr. 2007): A classic story of social exclusion, by Peruvian author César Vallejo.

Bilingual Education for Hispanic Children in Toronto (Sep. 2009): Article about a pioneering initiative to provide bilingual Spanish/English education to elementary students in Toronto.

Two Opposing Views of Literary Translation: Nabokov vs. Borges (Jun. 2013): A consideration of two very different approaches to literary translation, by Martin Boyd.

A Role Model? (Nov. 2007): A consideration of whether Colombian drug baron Pablo Escobar can be considered a Latin American icon, by Alberto Caballero.

Unwilling Host: The Admission of Chilean Refugees to Canada, 1973-1975 (Mar. 2008): A historical overview of Canada’s initial reception of the Chilean refugees who became the founding members of Canada’s Hispanic community, by historian Francis Peddie.

Mercedes Sosa: In Memoriam (May 2010): A tribute to the late Mercedes Sosa, one of Latin America’s most renowned singers of the last century, by Fabiola Flores.

3 thoughts on “Seven years of the Diálogos Online Forum

  1. Congratulations, Diálogos, on the seven-year anniversary! I hope to be able to be making further contributions to the Forum in 2014. All the best.

  2. You have some wonderful resources on Latino culture in Canada in the archives. Thank you, Martin, for keeping the Forum alive and prospering for so many years!

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