The 10 Most Read Articles of 2014

2014Before embarking on yet another year of the Diálogos Online Forum, this first post of the year is dedicated to the articles that received the most attention from our readers in 2014. It was a particularly big year for articles on translation, which took six of the top ten posts of the year. The others include translations of classic works by two legendary Mexican authors, and two articles from our “Culture and Society” category. According to the statistics, these were the ten most read articles of the year:

  1. A Crash Course in Proofreading Translations – Martin Boyd
  2. A Letter to God – Gregorio López y Fuentes
  3. Intercultural Competence – Martin Boyd
  4. Not All Migrant Workers Are the Same – Margarita Caropresi
  5. Context – Martin Boyd
  6. Reviewing Translations – Martin Boyd
  7. Professionalizing Translation – Martin Boyd
  8. Carlos Montemayor – “I leave the house doors open…”
  9. Silencing the Source Text: The Curious Case of Artemio Cruz – Martin Boyd
  10. Bolívar’s Dream – Brian Kennedy

With the continued support of our readers and contributors, this forum for discussions of Hispanic literature and culture and Spanish-English translation is now celebrating its eighth anniversary. Thank you all, and all the best for a happy and prosperous year in 2015. And if you are interested in making a contribution to the Forum, please feel free to contact me.

Martin Boyd, Director
Diálogos Intercultural Services

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