Ten Years of the Diálogos Online Forum

Martin Boyd

As of this month, the Diálogos Online Forum has been publishing short stories, poetry, opinions and information related to Hispanic culture and Spanish-English translation for ten years. The Forum began in January 2007 as Diálogos Online Magazine, a quarterly publication featuring articles on Hispanic culture in Canada and translations of Hispanic literature. A total of eight issues were published online in 2007 and 2008; then, in 2009, the online magazine format was adapted to a blog-style journal, including all of the original articles published in the Magazine in its archives.

Since 2007, we have published hundreds of articles on Hispanic culture, literature and translation, all of which can still be found in the Forum Archives. The Archives continue to receive hundreds of visits a month from people looking for information on Spanish-English translation or Hispanic culture and literature.

On the occasion of the ten-year milestone, we have looked back through the archives to identify some of the more popular articles in terms of ongoing reader visits, selecting one article from each year that our statistics show continues to receive repeated attention from our readers. We invite you to peruse this diverse list of past publications – ranging from academic essays, to literary works, to opinion pieces, to personal reflections – for a sample of the wealth of interesting reading that can be found in the Archives.

2007: “A Role Model?” by Alberto Caballero. A fascinating examination of the curious legacy of Colombian drug baron Pablo Escobar. Read the article.

2008: “Unwilling Host: The Admission of Chilean Refugees to Canada, 1973-1975” by Francis Peddie. An analysis of the historical circumstances surrounding Canada’s admission of Chilean refugees in the wake of the 1973 coup d’état, a key event in the evolution of the Hispanic Canadian community. Read the article.

2009: “Bilingual Education for Hispanic Children in Toronto” by Martin Boyd. A discussion of the pressing need for bilingual education for Toronto’s growing Hispanic community, highlighting the work of HCIS (Hispano Canadian Intercultural School), Toronto’s first bilingual Spanish-English school, which has regrettably since closed down due to lack of government support. The fact that this article continues to receive so many regular visits (especially the Spanish version) is testimony to the ongoing currency of this issue. Read the article.

2010: “Mercedes Sosa: In Memoriam” by Fabiola Flores. A very personal tribute to one of the greatest icons in Latin American folk music, Argentine singer Mercedes Sosa. Read the article.

2011: “The Great Adventure” by Martha Batiz. A reflection on the experience of immigrating to Canada, by prominent Mexican-Canadian author Martha Batiz. Read the article.

2012: “Translating Latin America, Part 2: of Aliens, Borders and Sharing (the) America(s)” by Martin Boyd. A reflection on the role of the translator in promoting intercultural reconciliation. Read the article.

2013: “I Want to Live” by Tania Hernández Cervantes. One of the most frequently visited poems in the Archives, in homage to Marisela Escobedo and other victims of the femicides of Ciudad Juárez. Read the poem.

2014: “A Letter to God” by Gregorio López y Fuentes. This English translation of a short story by Mexican humourist Gregorio López y Fuentes has become the most frequently visited work of fiction in our Archives. Read the story.

2015: “Raising the Bar” by Martin Boyd. A reflection on the current state of the translation industry, particularly concerning the growing stratification between the so-called “bulk” and “premium” sectors. Read the article.

2016: “The Infamous Three Percent” by Martin Boyd. A consideration of the state of literary translation in the context of the “English only” culture prevailing in the Anglophone world. Read the article.

Other archive posts worth a visit:

The Misery and Splendour of Translation: A new English translation of Spanish philosopher José Ortega y Gasset’s landmark essay on the importance of translation in the modern world, in five parts.

The Nuestra Palabra Series: Our English translations of the ten winning stories in the Nuestra Palabra Spanish-language short story competition, from 2004 to 2013.

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