The Return

Martin Boyd

Detail from José Chávez Morado (1909-2002), “El retorno de de Quetzalcóatl”. Mural located on the university grounds of UNAM, Mexico City.

At the start of this year, the Diálogos website had some technical issues that unfortunately resulted in the temporary suspension of posts on the Diálogos Online Forum, as well as the removal of all the articles posted in the last few months of 2016. This technical setback, combined with an extremely busy start to 2017 due to a number of large projects, compelled me to place the Forum on hiatus for a few months. At last, I’m happy to announce that the articles that had been removed have now been restored to the Forum, and the extended hiatus has now come to an end.

In upcoming weeks, we will be featuring new contributions by experienced translators discussing different aspects of business in the translation sector, including an article of my own on the relative benefits of working with independent translators and small agencies as opposed to larger agencies.

In the area of Hispanic literature, we’ll be featuring an exclusive English translation of a short story by the outstanding Mexican author Alejandro Rossi (1932-2009), as well as a new series of works by Canadian authors, translated into Spanish by local translators.

And also coming soon is a new article discussing one of the aforementioned big projects earlier this year: my recently published English translation of the novel The Mystery of Queen Nefertiti by Spanish author C.T. Cassana. This delightful work of youth fiction posed a number of unique challenges for translation into English, and it is my hope that my reflection on the process of addressing those challenges may be of interest to other literary translators.

In the meantime, I’d like to invite our readers to peruse some of the articles from late last year that you may have missed, as our website’s technical issues unfortunately prevented them from receiving the promotion they deserved at the time of their original posting. These include:

“Was Castro Canada’s Favourite Dictator?” An exploration of Cuban-Canadian relations through the prism of its leaders, written by Juan Gavasa, an award-winning Spanish journalist now based in Toronto. Read the article.

“Mexican Culture in Animated Translation.” In our ongoing quest for authentic cinematic representations of Mexican culture, we offer this review of the animated “Mexican” film The Book of Life. Read the article.

 “Mexican Independence: What is Remembered and What is Forgotten.” A closer look at the celebrations of Mexican independence and the meanings behind them, by Isabel Martinez. Read the article.

“Diálogos Celebrates its Tenth Anniversary!” Last year marked the tenth anniversary of Diálogos Intercultural Services, which has been providing quality Spanish-English translation services and supporting Hispanic cultural initiatives in Toronto since 2006. Read the article.

“Ten years of the Diálogos Online Forum.” January of this year marked another milestone: the tenth anniversary of the Forum. This article takes a look at some of the highlights of those ten years. Read the article.

Thank you to all our regular readers who have contacted me over the past few months to ask when the Forum would be up and running again. Your interest in this space for sharing information, ideas and expressions of Hispanic culture and translation is gratefully appreciated. Please keep reading!

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