Papalotero, a novel by Martin Boyd
(Editorial Ink, 2012)

papalotero [n], neologism. One of those rare individuals blissfully courageous enough to devote their lives to doing what they love, with no concern about whether their chosen vocation comes with social approval, a retirement package and/or a good dental plan (From Mexican Spanish: “kite flyer”).



Book Description

Teresa Jones’s dreams of flying contrast sharply with her dreary, earthbound life working as a filing-clerk in a CD store, and suffering the constant nagging of her academic parents, who are outraged at her stubborn refusal to go to college. Her best friend – the popular, successful and apparently happy college freshman Elena Kravchuk – has the perfect prescription for Teresa’s depression: she needs to get laid. When the two girls meet Miguel Angel Ramirez, a misfit Mexican immigrant who builds and flies kites for a living, Elena goes to work as match-maker to bring him together for a casual fling with her socially awkward, chronically depressed best friend. But rather than providing a one night stand, this papalotero will transform the lives of both girls in ways that neither one bargained for: Elena will confront the truth that her life is not as perfect as she so desperately wants people to believe it is, while Teresa will be challenged to give up her low self-esteem and Life Sucks t-shirts, and discover that the happiness she thinks is out of her reach might actually be just one small leap of faith away.

What readers are saying about Papalotero:

“As a post-modern romantic comedy, Papalotero rolls along at an entertainingly swift pace as the bizarre love triangle between Teresa, Elena and Miguel Angel unfolds. Boyd’s skilled use of dialogue, at once convincingly real and intensely witty, propels the story forward, as the different characters engage in a series of conversational jousts replete with acerbic comebacks and amusing, but ultimately disastrous, miscommunications.”
– Brian Kennedy, Diálogos Online Forum. Click here to read full review.

“I recommend this book not only to anyone who’d like to enjoy a well-crafted story, but especially to those who need to recharge their batteries in order to keep their faith – and their hope – growing strong.”
– Martha Bátiz, award-winning writer

“The characters are totally believable, likeable and recognizable souls with whom you can easily identify and the author, Martin Boyd, paints a beautiful picture of their lives with words.”
– Acornart, Amazon Reader Reviews

“It’s so rare to find a novel like this, one that really does make you laugh and cry. The story has something important to say but it says it with such humor and fun that you never feel like you’re being battered with a “message”. It’s just beautiful and uplifting, like a kite soaring on the wind.”
– Marina, Amazon Reader Reviews

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